A True Roof Service Company in MA

Licensed Roofing Contract

Licensed Roofing Contractor

Licensed by the state of Massachusetts

As a roof service company, we understand based on our experience, that looking for roofing contractors is a difficult task. Knowing about the importance of choosing the right roofing company, we have listed a few things to quickly help you contact us today!

Popularity & Reputation

Years of experience proved by reviews on different projects, in the most well-known platforms in the United States.

Roofing Services Award
100+ | 4.8

Expert Time in The Market

Roofing contractors need more than just a license to convince. We have over 20 confirmed years of professionalism and experience. Being one of the very few roofing companies in MA, to work professionally with pretty much all kinds of roofing types.

Metal Roof

Copper Roof

Cedar Roof

Clary Roof

Clay Roof

Rubber Roof

Rubber Roof

Commercial roof services in the Boston area and surroundings. More used for commercial buildings, rubber roof has been one of our most common service types in the market. From inspecting, repairing to rebuilding!

We Meet the Stands of a
True Roof Service Company!

Great Reputation

Happy clients have made our services known throughout the Great Boston area. We have assisted homeowners and business owners with roof repair, and installation. Assisting with emergencies and flexibility each time.

Licensed & Insured

Roofing contractor professionalism requires top safety training and insurance coverage. We’ve mastered that throughout the years, by getting coverage for each one of our client’s concerns.

A fallen tree hit my roof and made some damages. So I posted my request on HomeAdvisor. Jose contacted me right away offering damage inspection. He inspected my roof thoroughly and identified additional potential issues that worth proactive action. I was happy he did that to prevent potentially serious problem. To answer my questions, he was very straightforward and sounded trustworthy. The prices he offered sounded reasonable. I waited for other contractors' response but they were very slow and offered very inconvenient time. So I eventually had Jose do the project. Overall I had pleasant experience with Jose. BTW, he offered 1-year warranty for the project. I will be glad to hire him in the future if needed.

Wensheng W.

Natick, MA

He showed up on time to see the project, and game me a good deal. He is very knowledgeable. Thanks, will hire him again for future projects.

Sadrack B.

Brockton, MA

Very respectful, reliable, dependable and professional. Jose and his crew did a wonderful job. I am very happy with all the work they did to my slate roof (repair), gutters (complete replacement including fascia boards) and bay windows (replaced roofs on both bay windows). I had so much that needed to be done, but they were able to handle everything efficiently and skillfully.

Terrie S.

Roxbury, MA

Jose was a real gentleman and his staff was very very good. They were thorough, efficient and clean. The price was fair for the work performed and when they found done rotted wood the extra charge was very reasonable. The job came out perfectly and I couldn't be more pleased.

Michael C.

Framingham, MA

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Roofing contractors near you! Send us a message with your suggestive date for a free onsite estimate, and let us help you by answering questions or concerns. Free visit or scheduled project, we make each of them count!

How can our crew help you?

Maintenance project level
Don’t know where to start with your roofing? We can help! We offer common roofing services solutions for the long life and quality of your roof. Along with all of the reasons we have given you to contact us, we can assure you, your project will be a top priority on our list.

1. Roof Inspection

Detecting roof problems will not always be the easiest job, and by the time it gets noticeable, your home will already be affected. We do recommend periodic roof inspection, to ensure quality and avoid vulnerabilities.

In the eyes of a roofing contractor, performing a full inspection can save you thousands on repairs, by detecting problems earlier. Get in touch for more on our roof inspection.

2. Roof Repair

Roof repairs are directly connected with the quality of previous work, and other natural weather-related facts that contribute to problems. Roofs problems tend to increase quickly, get a professional look with our free visit.

Full Level Project

Roof Replacement

How old is your roof? A full roof replacement has more benefits than just protecting homes and buildings from rain and snow.

Energy Efficiency

New roofing technology can eliminate high concentrations of heat, by reflecting instead of absorbing it, or with an upgrade over to a different type of roof replacement. Your home will receive the benefits of energy efficiency with a new install.
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Real Estate Value

Residential or commercial roof projects increase real estate value in terms of functionality and also appearance since the roofing is most of the time, one of the most seeing parts of a property, allowing quick detection of bad spots.

New Homeowners

Don’t hesitate to schedule your roof system properly in your new home. It’s priceless to know that your family will be secure under the roof!
  • Permit

    We handle all the bureaucracy and permits

  • Protection

    Appropriate surrounding protection on surfaces, floors, plants, and more.

  • Disposal

    Our company is in charge of getting dumpsters and collecting all trash.

  • Guarantee

    5+ Years of guarantee available for install services, and 1+ for roof repair.

Additional Roof Related Work

In addition to our highly skilled roofing services, there are other options to choose from, based on related roof needs including the following:


Gutter Installation Services

Gutter Installation

Skylight Installation & Repair

About Mr. Cat Roofing

Mr. Cat started more than 20 years ago with a roofer called José Basebete. An exemplary employee, José was invited by his boss to participate in a technical training program for roofing contractors in New York. Three years later he was ready for the challenge of opening his own roofing company.

After 20 years, José and his team, still one of the very few teams that are able to work professionally with copper roofing and gutters, slate roof, tile roof, and others.

The Quality From a Local Roofing Contractor

Local roofing services are always better! We have built and repaired more than thousands of roof systems, including commercial buildings. Our services have been used to: