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Meet Mr. Cat Siding & Roofing Inc

With over 2 decades of experience, we at Mr Cat Siding & Roofing are a specialized construction services company.

OSHA Certified

Roof and siding services are far more than just technical skills. You can’t go wrong with a team of professionals trained for safety from beginning to end of any project.

Fully Insured & Licensed

There’s a reason why we have been around for so long. Mr. Cat fully complies with local building laws, permits, requirements and appropriate training.

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Expert Roof Services

Don’t know your roof age? What about its installation, was it done right? Contact us for a roof inspection. Minimize your chances of increasing roof problems.

*We work with all kinds of roofs.

  • Old Roof

    Have you had your roof inspected in the last 15-20 years? Schedule an inspection today, and be ahead of potential problems.

  • Poor Installed

    A simple poor installed shingle, or title can lead to major water damage. Get a free roof evaluation with us.

  • Damaged Roof

    We offer emergency roof repair. Contact us if you need immediate assistance with your roof.

Mr. Cat Siding Services

Residential and commercial siding services. We handle different types of sidings, such as: cedar, vinyl, aluminum, wood, hardie board, fiber cement and more.

Siding Installation

Siding Replacement

Siding Repair

Home Services

Our experience will elevate the quality of your house project. Find our reviews in some of the platforms we’ve through the years.